National Councils for Sustainable Development: Lessons from the past and present

NCSDs-lessons from past finalBy discussing best practices and common trends regarding the purpose, composition and functions of NCSDs, this paper hopes to provide existing NCSDs with a resource to help them learn from other circumstances, both past and current, to ultimately become more effective facilitating the delivery of sustainable development at the national level. It may also be useful for countries that are considering the creation or modification of NCSDs during the next few years.

The report is arranged around three main topics: Purpose and mandate; Composition and membership; and Functions and activities

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What role can NCSDs and similar bodies play in the design and delivery of the SDGs

What role can NCSDs play july 8The following report provides comparative analysis to inform the National Councils for Sustainable Development can develop their thinking on how their priorities and possible roles in developing and monitoring national targets could be integrated into the framework of the Sustianable Development Goals. It also hopes to inform the intergovernmental discussions on SDGs, primarily through the Open working Group, UN High Level Political Forum and other relevant SD processes and mechanisms.

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The governance of scaling up successful sustainability practices: How can National Councils for Sustainable Development organise the wider use of national and regional examples?

think-piece-cover2ncsdsThe paper was co-authored by Jack Cornforth, Stakeholder Forum; Ingeborg Niestroy, PublicStrategy for Sustainable Development; and Derek Osborn Stakeholder Forum. It begins by exploring the governance of scaling up, looking at different factors which affect the transferability of successful sustainable development practices from one place to another; then looks at examples of mechanisms for scaling up, suggesting some key factors to be taken into consideration by NCSDs looking to improve coordination between national sustainable development priorities and international sustainable development concerns; and ends by suggesting some practical activities the Global Network could facilitate to assist NCSDs with scaling up efforts.


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Germany’s Council for Sustainable Development 
the German Case of Framing National SD Policies

SF NYmeeting Bachmann Page 01The German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) is a multi stakeholder body advising the German Federal Government. The 15 RNE members were appointed by Chancellor Angela Merkel. The RNE was first established in April 2001 by then Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.

The Council works through a secretariat directed by General Secretary Dr. Günther Bachmann, with an annual total net budget of €1,9 million. Regular working meetings and a couple of various additional dialogue conferences, leadership fora and expert panels are part of a robust working mode.

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