Participation in strategies for sustainable development

Participation in strategies for SD-1The paper sets out typologies of project participation and of participation in policy-making, and discusses the forms of participation that are required for sustainable development. It describes how communities, NGOs and businesses can have key roles in participation, as partners of government. However, it also notes the need for major institutional changes to create the right 'enabling environment' for effective participation.

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National Sustainable Development Strategies: Experience and Dilemmas

National SD Strategies-1This paper discusses the evolution of the National Councils for Sustainable Development concept and provides examples of various national strategy processes that have been undertaken during the last decade. Through an National Councils for Sustainable Development, key decissions are made on policy and institutional conditions required to move towards sustainable development. However, most decisions which are likely to affect the sustainable development of a country are not taken at the national level but at the local level. A number of local level strategies which are based on participatory approaches are also described.

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