The Global Network is currently facilitated by Stakeholder Forum , an international non-governmental organisation working to advance sustainable development and promote democracy at a global level.

Nonetheless, Stakeholder Forum’s role is primarily administrative and facilitatory, with the organisation purely seeking to provide an enabling environment – primarily online through the NCSDs website – for National Councils to communicate, learn and explore ideas for collaboration.

The Global Network is therefore self-governed, with an International Advisory Board (IAG) network of Councils which is in the form and engages in activities of their collective choosing.

On Friday 16th November 2012, in Incheon, Republic of Korea, the Global Network IAG met for an informal meeting during the UN Office for Sustainable Development’s (OSD) International Workshop on Strengthening Planning and Implementation Capacities for Sustainable Development in Post Rio Context. Minutes from the meeting are available here


International Advisory Board

Members of the International Advisory Board (IAG) have been identified by Stakeholder Forum due to their expertise and experience on NCSDs and sustainable development, with a diverse regional/geographical distribution being a primary consideration.

Derek Osborn175

Derek Osborn - President of Stakeholder Forum and Interim Chair of the IAG

Derek served 30 years in the Civil Service, the latter 6 years as Director General for Environmental Protection with the Department of the Environment until his retirement in 1996. He represented the United Kingdom and was Chair of the Management Board of the European Environment Agency (1995-1999). He was on the Board of the Environment Agency for England and Wales (1996-98), having been involved with its planning and creation. He has been a non-executive director of Severn Trent PLC, and chair of Jupiter Global Green Investment Trust. He is a Board member of several other environmental organisations.



Loy Rego - Researcher and Learning Practitioner, Mainstreaming Adaptation, Resilience and Sustainability into development

Loy has a 32-year career in disaster preparedness, risk reduction and resilience building, climate change adaptation, risk management and their links to sustainable development and occupational/public safety. He is currently working on the UNISDR online dialogue on the post-2015 DRR Framework, a lesson learning review on the Global Risk Identification Program, the Global Call for Action against Poverty on climate justice, and MDG-SDG linkages in the post-2015 development agenda. Loy has worked as Deputy Executive Director at the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre, head of Secretariat of the Regional Consultative Committee for DRR, Joint Director at India's National Safety Council, and at Tata Motors. Engineer by training, he holds a post-graduate diploma in Industrial Safety from the Indian Institute of Technology and a law degree from the University of Pune, India. 

Dr. Günther Bachmann

Günther, landscape architect and soil scientist, holds a PhD in soil functions. He has worked as a researcher, scientific assistant at the Federal Environmental Agency, director of the Federal Environmental Agency, been responsible for upcoming soil protection regulation in Germany, director of the German Council for Sustainable Development and General Secretary of the Council. Günther has also served on the ad hoc Committee preparing the national consensus on outphasing nuclear power in Germany, and is currently an adviser to Prof. Klaus Töpfer in his capacity as head of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Sustainability, Potsdam. Professional interests include: sustainable development; environmental politics; science-based policy making.



Peter Davies - Commissioner for Sustainable Futures, Wales

Peter Davies, who represented Wales on the UK Sustainable Development Commission was appointed Commissioner for Sustainable Futures in 2011. The Commissioner's objectives are to lead and promote sustainable development in Wales through policy commitment, convene stakeholders to address difficult issues based on a “coalition of the willing” approach, and advise the Welsh Government on policies and arrangements for the implementation of sustainable development.  He plans on achieving these by sharing expertise and experience, liaising with the UK and Scottish Governments and the Northern Ireland Executive to promote sustainable development, providing commentary and feedback to the Welsh Government and independent commentary within the Welsh Government’s statutory Sustainable Development Annual Report. The Commissioner is also responsible for chairing the Climate Change Commission for Wales. 

Elizabeth Thompson – Former Environment Minister, Barbados; Rio+20 Executive Director

Vladimir Zakharov – Director; Institute of Sustainable Development of the Russian Federation


Ella Antonio – President, Earth Council Asia-Pacific (Philippines)