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National Council of Environment and Natural Resources


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Phone: +809 567 4300


Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales,

Av.Cayetano Germosen Esquina Esq. Av. Luperón

El Pedregal

Santo Domingo, D.N.

República Dominicana



Mission Statement

The Council is proposed ‘as a liaison between the National Economic, Social and Administrative Planning System (Department(s)), and the private sector, civil society and institutions of centralised and decentralised public administration with relevance to the environment and natural resources; and as a body responsible for scheduling and evaluating policies and establish national strategy for biodiversity conservation’.


Composition and Membership

Chair (proposed): Secretary of State for the Environment and Natural Resources

The Council will be further composed of the:

    • Technical Secretary of State of the Presidency;
    • Secretary of State for Agriculture and Livestock;
    • Secretary of State for Health and Welfare;
    • Secretary of State for Education;
    • Decretary of State for Works and Communications;
    • Secretary of State for the Armed Forces;
    • Secretary of State for Tourism;
    • Secretary of State for Industry and Commerce;
    • Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs;
    • Secretary of Labour;
    • Secretary of General of the Municipal League; and
    • National Institute for Water Resources.



Roles and Functions

a) To serve as liaison between the systems of Economic, Social and Administrative planning, the national industrial sector, civil society and the bodies of centralised and de-centralised public administration that belong to the environmental and natural resources sectors.

b) Schedule and evaluate environmental and natural resource policies, in order to establish the national strategy for conserving biodiversity.

c) Ensure the preservation and protection of the environment and natural resources.

d) Supervise the full implementation of legislation, in order to guarantee the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.


Funciones principales

a) Servir de enlace entre el Sistema Nacional de Planificación Económica, Social y Administrativa, el sector productivo nacional, la sociedad civil y las entidades de la administración pública centralizada y descentralizada pertenecientes al sector medio ambiente y recursos naturales.

b) Programar y evaluar las políticas de medio ambiente y recursos naturales, así como establecer la estrategia nacional de conservación de la biodiversidad.

c) Velar por la preservación y protección del medio ambiente y los recursos naturales.

d) Supervisar la aplicación eficaz de la legislación vigente, para garantizar la conservación y el uso sostenible de los recursos naturales.