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National Commission on Sustainable Development - former




Mission Statement

From Lithuania’s response to the UN’s Rio+20 Questionnaire:

‘Seeking to ensure coordination of sustainable development process at the highest level, a National Commission on Sustainable Development chaired by Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania was formed in 2000 in Lithuania. The National Commission on Sustainable Development must examine biennial sustainable development reports that shall be submitted to the UN and EU institutions in accordance with the prescribed procedure. These reports must be introduced to the public.

Special group of experts monitored SD progress and performed thorough analysis of on-going changes and causalities. They provided state institutions with suggestions and recommendations to improve the implementation of SD and participate in the development of SD reports and other official documents.’

Composition and Membership

The National Commission for SD (NCSD) was established in 2000. Operations have ‘been brought to a standstill’.

The Commission comprised representatives from ministries, the President’s Office, NGOs and the business community. If necessary, other stakeholder groups were invited when their expertise in certain topics was necessary. The sub-national levels did not participate in meetings of the NCSD.

Role and Functions

  • advising on government policy or making policy recommendations, including NSDS.