Country Profiles

National Environment Centre of Sustainable Development (NECSD)



Name: Dr. Bulat Yessekin

Position: Executive Director, Regional Environmental Centre


85, Dostyk Avenue
Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan


Composition and Membership

The National Environmental Action Plan for Sustainable Development (NEAP/SD) was first established as a Secretariat to the NECSD in 1997. In 1998, the NEAP/SD was transformed into the NECSD as part of the Institution Strengthening for Sustainable Development Programme of UNDP and the Government of Kazakhstan.

The Steering Committee of the NEAP/SD, which oversaw the NEAP/SD activities, was composed of donor representatives, government officials, parliamentarians, and nongovernmental organisations.

The NECSD is composed of several sub-committees on climate change, ozone, ECE Conventions, biological diversity, desertification, wetlands, CITES and migratory species, and the implementation of Agenda 21.


Mission Statement

‘Development Strategy 2030’, a state programme, identifies the following major policy goals for environmental protection and efficient natural resource use: ‘stabilising the quality of the environment, ensuring a favourable environment for human activity and preserving natural resources for future generations’.


Role and Functions

  • advising on government policy or making policy recommendations.


Recent Activities

The NEAP/SD work areas are:

  • Water resource conservation;
  • Conservation of forests and Special Protection Areas;
  • Reduction of industrial waste and oil and gas pollution;
  • Air quality improvement in cities; and
  • Preservation of arable land and pastures.