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Slovenian Council for Environmental Protection

Svet za varstvo okolja Republike Slovenije (CEPRS)


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Svet za varstvo okolja Republike Slovenije (CEPRS)

Slovenska 56 SL-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia



Mission Statement

‘The CEPRS monitors the quality and the protection of the environment in Slovenia, assures the connection and inclusion of Slovenia in global environmental actions elsewhere, and influences the events in Slovenia through its statements, recommendations and suggestions.’

It gives advice on national and international matters concerning the pollution of the environment; on the adequacy of research in this field; and the future possibilities of danger to the environment, on any matter it chooses.

Composition and Membership

CEPRS was founded in 1993 by the National Assembly in accordance with the Law on Environmental Protection.

Chair/President: Dr. Franc Lobnik.

The CEPRS has fifteen Council Members who are elected by Parliament on the advice of the Universities, Academies, NGOs, Professional Associations, and Political Parties. They are ‘experts and researchers in various fields of science’ from a range of academic, private and NGO institutions, but not Government.

There is currently ‘around one’ full-time staff in the secretariat.

Role and Functions

  • advising on government policy or making policy recommendations, including NSDS; and
  • stakeholder engagement.

Recent Activities 

The Council always invites different experts and NGO representatives to attend its meetings and contribute to discussions, and public communication is vital to its remit.