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National Council for Sustainable Development - former


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Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning.

Omladinskih brigada 1,

11000 Belgrade


Mission Statement

From Rio+20 Questionnaire:

‘Serbia established NSDC and that body can facilitate Serbia’s preparations for UNCSD. NSDC is consists of 16 members (the Ministers or state secretaries from 11 ministries in charge for sustainable development, representatives from three NGOs, Secretary of the Council and Vice Prime minister in charge for European integration as a chair person appointed by the Government of Serbia). This should provide better coordination and integrated decision making process. Sustainable development unit under the Vice Prime minister office would give full support to the NSDC.’

Composition and Membership 

In 2003, Serbia established the National Council for Sustainable Development (NCSD). It aims at building consensus between ministries and other stakeholders on issues related to the environment and sustainable development and pursue work to attain the MDGs. In order to do so, NCSD was restructured in 2005 and is now chaired by the deputy prime minister (DPM) and includes inter alia six ministers.