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[Office of] the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB)


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Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board

962 Krung Kasem Road, Pomprab,

Bangkok 10100

Phone: 02-2804085

Fax: 0-2281-3938



Mission Statement

The Office of the NESDB has ‘3 important missions’:

Mission 1: The Strategic Unit is responsible for formulating development strategies at the national level and other levels, providing recommendations and suggestions to the government, putting policies and strategies of the government into practice and monitoring and evaluating the government policies.

Mission 2: The Intelligence Unit is responsible for analysing in-depth national and international data which are relevant to economic and social issues. It acts as a warning centre for the government in areas of strategic planning and national economic and social administration.

Mission 3: The ‘Knowledge Organisation’ aims at researching and developing new knowledge required for national development. The organisation is well-equipped with staff competent in strategic planning, analysis, and advocating effective national development.

Duties and repsonsibilities:

  • To provide opinions and recommendations on national economic and social development to the cabinet; 
  •      To scrutinize the National Economic and Social Development Plan and other proposals before submitting to the cabinet for consideration;
  •      To provide opinions to the Prime Minister as requested; and
  • To set up coordination mechanism between the NESDB, concerned agencies and state enterprises regarding the planning and implementation of development programs and projects.

Composition and Membership 

Chair: Mr. Panas Simasathien.

Secreatry-General: Arkhom Termpittayaphaisith.

The NESDB comprises 15 ‘distinguished professionals’, comprised of a chair, 9 ‘highly qualified experts in the area of economic and social development’, and 5 ex officio members, including the Secretary-General of the Civil Service Commission, the Director of the Bureau of the Budget, the Director-General of the Fiscal Policy Office, the Governor of the Bank of Thailand and the Secretary-General of the NESDB, who also serves as a secretary.

The NESDB has regional offices in the Northern, Central, Northeastern and Southern regions of Thailand.

Key Work

National Plans, including the current Eleventh National Economic and Social Development Plan (2012-2016).

Other academic papers and presentations are available online, mainly clearly focused on economic/social development issues. One presentation with direct reference to SD is ‘Transportation System for Sustainable Development under Global Financial Crisis: Opportunity of Disaster?’