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National Commission for Sustainable Development

Commission Nationale du Développement Durable - CNDD

Role and Functions

The Tunisian National Commission for Sustainable Development (Commission Nationale du Développement Durable - CNDD) was initially created in 1993 to set an institutional framework for environmental protection. Currently, however, it elaborates the national sustainable development strategy and analyses the implementation of national sustainable development policies, monitored with the help of indicators.

It also coordinates and integrates sustainable development into the Tunisian economic development strategy.

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Composition and Membership

Its President is the Prime Minister and its Vice-President is the Minister of the Environment.

The CNDD gathers and involves all stakeholders concerned with matters of sustainable development, such as governmental departments, NGOs and the private sector.

The composition of the Tunisian CNDD was modified in 1994 and in 1995 in order to be more representative.


Presentation of the CNDD by the Ministry of Territory Planning and Sustainable Development

Presentation of the CNDD by the Ministry of the Environment

Indicators of Sustainable Development - National Agency for the Protection of the Environment

Recent Activities

Tunisian CNDD activities include:

  • The elaboration of a priority action plan for sustainable development;
  • The elaboration of a national action programme to fight against desertification;
  • The creation of national and regional bodies to coordinate the fight against desertification;
  • The monitoring of the implementation of United Nations Conventions in Tunisia;
  • The definition of national strategies by sectors;
  • The creation of several botanical gardens.

It also encouraged decision-makers to adopt an environmental approach.