Country Profiles

 National Council for Sustainable Development



Name: Su Chin Tsao

Position: Chief Research Fellow, Office of Sustainable Development

Phone: +886 (2) 23117722 ext. 2201


Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C. (Taiwan),

83, Zhonghua Rd. Sec. 1,

Zhongzheng District,

Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



Mission Statement

  • to enhance the protection of the environment and ecology,
  • to guarantee social fairness and justice,
  • to promote economic development,
  • to conserve national land and resources,
  • to build healthy sustainable communities, and
  • to pursue national sustainable development

Composition and Membership 

In 1997, Executive Yuan (EY) expanded the mandate of the existing Working Committee on Global Environmental Change Policy and re-inaugurated the group as the National Council for Sustainable Development.

The Council is headed by one chairman, a position concurrently held by the Premier (currently JIANG Yi-huah). There are 24 to 30 council members in the Council. They are selected from among administrators of government agencies, experts and scholars, as well as representatives of civil groups, with each of the above three groups occupying one third of the membership. The council members serve a one-year term and are appointed by the Council Chairman, with the approval of the Executive Yuan. Reappointment is possible upon completion of a term.


Role and Functions

  • advising on government policy or making policy recommendations, including NSDS; and
  • stakeholder engagement.


Recent Activities

The NCSD carries out annual tasks, such as selection and presentation of the ‘National Sustainable Development Awards’, Sustainable Development Action Plan (completed on 31 December, 2011), and announcement of the results of the Taiwan Sustainable Development Indicators.

In 2011, the NCSD held the 2011 International Forum on Sustainable Development, focusing on Rio+20 in preparation for Taiwan's participation in the Conference. A range of international speakers and experts participated. The main topics included analyses of international SD policies and their implementation; youth participation at Rio+20; and sustainable city policies in Taiwan and internationally.