Country Profiles

National Council for Sustainable Development

Consejo Nacional del Desarollo Sostensible (CONADES)


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Phone(General Enquiries): +507 314 1036, +507 314 0288, +507 314 0922



Mission Statement

To develop a process of progressive change in the quality of life of Panamanian citizens, placing it at the centre of development through economic growth and social equity; maintaining ecological balance and respect for diversity and culture at ethnic, regional and national level, strengthening participation in this process, and a peaceful coexistence and harmony with nature, to improve the quality of life of this and future generations.’

Role and Functions

    • advising on government policy or making policy recommendations, including NSDS; and
    • stakeholder engagement.

Recent Activities

CONADES runs SD programmes for local/regional areas and on topics such as drinking water (‘Programa Unificado de Desarrollo Sostenible del Sector de Agua Potable y Saneamiento en las Provincias’).