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Sustainable Development Networking Programme /General Corporation for Environment Protection - former




Mission Statement

‘SDNP is an enabling mechanism geared to helping Jordan attain goals of sustainable development. This project is the first phase of a long term undertaking to provide Internet connectivity and access to sustainable development related information for project stakeholders, and the beneficiaries of sustainable development: the people of Jordan. The project has five essential expected results:

  • SDNP infrastructure and pilot connectivity implemented in key organizations;
  • A working modus operandi set up and all users familiarised with how SDNP works;
  • Access to local databases, populated with national and regional information related to sustainable development, and made available to all parties;
  • Basic international connectivity established, providing access to sustainable development related organisations and information world-wide; and
  • An Expansion Plan for the second and subseuqent phases, addressing the ever-increasing demand for sustainable development related information.' 

Composition and Membership 

The ten institutions participating in the SDNP project nominated a contact person to coordinate with the National Information Centre. They were:

    • Ministry of Agriculture;
    • Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources;
    • Ministry of Environment;
    • Jordan Environment Society;
    • Jordan River Foundation;
    • Information and Research Centre/ King Hussein Foundation;
    • Noor Al-Hussein Foundation;
    • Jordan Hashemite Foundation for Human Development; and
    • Ministry of Greater Amman.