Country Profiles

National Council for Sustainable Development / National Council for the Environment (COCONA) - former

Consejo Nacional de Desarollo Sostenible (CONADES)




Mission Statement

CONADES has the broad mandates:

  • to advise the government and president on development policies and strategies;
  • to coordinate monitoring of sustainable development activities;
  • to monitor presidential summit agreements within its jurisdiction;
  • to implement CAASD and Agenda 21 agreements;
  • to promote policy reforms, laws, programs, and projects related to sustainable development; and
  • to function as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information.

Composition and Membership 

The government of Honduras created CONADES by executive order in 1994. In 1997 a further decree broadened the council’s membership and further defined its mandate, and established its executive secretariat.

COCONA seems to be the more recent advisory council but information is not clear.

COCONA was formed as an advisory body to the Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (SERNA). The Council is/was presided over by SERNA’s Under-Secretary and includes/d

    • the Under-Secretary of Planning, Coordination, and Budget;
    • the Under-Secertary of Naturalk Resources;
    • the Under-Secretary of Public Education;
    • a representative from the Association of Municipalities;
    • a representative from the Institution of Higher Education;
    • a representative from the Federation of Non-governmental Environmental Organisations;
    • a representative from the Private Business Council;
    • a representative from the workers' associations; and
    • a representative from farmers' associations.