Country Profiles

National Committee on Sustainable Development (NCSD) - former


Phone: +679 331 3411


Ministry of Finance & National Planning

Suva, Fiji Islands


Mission Statement

To formulate the National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS).


Composition and Membership


Since 2002, the Ministry of Finance and National Planning has been the focal point for sustainable development in Fiji and was responsible for providing secretariat services to the National Steering Committee on Sustainable Development. The steering committee was initially formed to prepare Fiji’s National Assessment Report for the WSSD. The committee comprised of representatives from the various Ministries and Departments as well as NGOs. The committee remained active following the WSSD to monitor the JPoI, then prepared the National Assessment Report of the BPOA +10 meeting of 2005. In January, 2006 the steering committee was formally recognized as the National Committee on Sustainable Development (NCSD). This committee was mandated to formulate Fiji’s first official NSDS.


A 2006 National Assessment Report notes that the Fijian NCSD is ‘currently placed at the periphery of the national development planning and decision making framework’, and that it is made up of representatives of the following agencies:


  • Ambassador at Large (Chairperson);
  • All government Ministries;
  • WWF;
  • Fiji Council of the South Pacific;
  • University of the South Pacific (USP);
  • Reproductive Health Association of Fiji;
  • Pacific Forum Secretariat; and
  • National Consultant for NSDS.



Role and Functions

    • advising on government policy or making policy recommendations, including NSDS.