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National Commission for Sustainable Development

Commission Nationale du Développement Durable







Mission Statement

The National Commission for Sustainable Development was established in 2000 and is an advisory body whose mission is to integrate environmental considerations into policies, strategies, programs and sectoral development projects.

To carry out its mission, the CNDD will be the linchpin of the Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection will coordinate the activities of various public and private, NGOs, development associations, local decentralized and others to jointly seek ways to give Benin a better life.






The Beninese government created a National Commission on Sustainable Development in February 1999 as part of the Framework Law on the Environment in the Republic of Benin.
It is composed of three bodies:

  • General Meeting of members of the CNDD
  • Steering Committee
  • The Permanent Secretariat of the CNDD


Role and Functions

Most of the functions of the Permanent Secretariat of the National Commission on Sustainable Development as the executive organ of the Commission are structured around the following points:

    • Analyse and advise on
    1. proposals for programs investment , development, multi or bilateral cooperation for the consideration of the environmental dimension projects
    2. the regulatory texts related to sustainable development
    3. agreements or framework agreements
    4. sub-regional or international agreements to which the Government would join
    • Develop a genuine national dialogue with all stakeholders including associations of development and environmental protection as well as the private sector on issues related to sustainable development
    • Follow the implementation of national sustainable development policy and produce all three years on sustainable development
    • Coordinate actions synergy agreements generation and similar RIO
    • Ensure the implementation of the recommendations National Forum on Environmental Governance
    • Evaluate all three years the implementation of the National Charter on Environmental Governance
    • Cooperate as closely as possible with sub-regional and international organizations, the private sector, political institutions, local authorities, non-governmental organisations, and other major groups in society involved in the field of sustainable development
    • Assist and support the Departmental Directorates of Environment, Housing and Urban Development (DDEHU) in the field of Sustainable Development. The issue of environmental governance is a fundamental link in the issue of sustainable development, it is reflected in the functions of SP-CNDD. For this purpose, it is required to be held every three years, a National Forum on Environmental Governance.