German Council for Sustainable Development delivers its report “Sustainability - Made in Germany. The Second Review”

At the outset of the new legislative period, the German Council for Sustainable Development has released its second peer review on Germany’s sustainable development policies summarising what has been achieved so far and advancing recommendations for the future integration of sustainability into all sectors of German government, business and society.

Central recommendations for Germany in order to come forward more strongly as an international champion and exemplar of sustainability include:

  • restructuring administrative capacities in the Federal Government, and providing a reliable framework for sustainable development;
  • shaping the Green Economy and introducing more coherent cooperation between the public and private sector;
  • a clear coordination and better planning for the Energiewende transition;
  • the need to address the social dimension of sustainable development including quality of life and the demographic challenges; and
  • building sustainability more systematically into all levels of education.

 To read the full report, please click here.