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Grenada Sustainable Development Council


The Grenada Sustainable Development Council was officially launched in February 1996 by the Government in response to the Barbados Plan of Action (BPoA) in 1994. Grenada is the only one of the original six Capacity 21 Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS) that still has a functioning NCSD.


Mission Statement

The SDC concerns itself with fundamental issues of development affecting the island, focusing on issues of environmental sustainability, with discussions often revolving around Grenada’s participation in international environmental conventions. The agendas for council meetings also reflect a keen awareness of the vulnerabilities of SIDS, and the council has become the principal venue for the discussion of contemporary economic and social issues in Grenada.
The Councils also aims to offer unrestricted opportunity for the public to discuss most of Governments key economic, social and environmental initiatives at their planning, implementation and evaluation stages.
According to a resource published in 2005, the SDC has met monthly, almost uninterrupted, since its inception and it’s chair was a consultant to the Ministry of Finance and Planning. He had chaired the SDC since its inception, at which time he was General Director of Finance and Planning.

Composition and Membership

Council members place a great deal of importance on all four basic functions: affecting government policy and externally funded projects, disseminating information,and providing a venue for debate on issues of sustainable development.





United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development - National Preparatory Process (Background Paper and Workshop Report by the government of Grenada - 2012)